• Single XL Dog Tie Out



    This tangle-free dog tie out stake and cable system is designed to accommodate one extra large dog.  This dog tie out features a 16" ground anchor and can hold one dog up to 250 pounds.  The dog run includes all the necessary parts to make this dog tie out the toughest and most portable dog tie on the market. The tie out cable is 20ft in length.

    Important to know:  The tie out stake and base plate system can hold 800+ lbs, however the wt. limit on the tie out cable is 250lbs.

    If you are seeking a stronger tie out cable or a custom size tie out cable, you may purchase just our Tie Out for L and XL Dogs which does not include leashes so that you may find exactly what you need.

    This dog tie out is made of chew resistant, all weather material that can be taken anywhere.  Enjoy the double dog tie out stake and tie out cable system at home, on outdoor trips, in the park where there are leash laws!


    1- Base Plate
    1- Tangle-free Topper
    1- 16" Durable Spiral Dog Tie Out Stake* 
    1- Set of Hardware 
    1- 20' Vinyl Coated Tie Out Cable

    2-Year Replacement Warranty**

    *Spiral Tie Out Stake will not go through rock.  If you are installing this product and you hit rock, immediately remove and relocate to a spot a few inches away.  Repeat until successful.
    Dogs should be supervised at all time.
    Not all dogs can be tied out, it is to the discretion of the owner to ensure a safe environment for both the pet and the other beings within the environment.

    **Warranty:  This product comes with a 2 year replacement warranty on the base plate, topper and ground anchor.  The hardware (jaw & eye swivel, quick link, eye & eye swivel) has a 60 day warranty.  We will pay the cost of shipping to replace these items.
    Returns:  We do accept returns under the following conditions.  
    • Not Used / New:  May return within 30 days of Purchase.  Customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping plus a $10 restocking fee to be deducted from the refunded amount.
    • Used:  May return within 30 days of Purchase.  Customer is Responsible for the cost of return shipping plus a $25 cleaning and used listing fee.