Welcome Rescues, Shelters, Adoption Centers and Other Organizations!

We are big supporters of rescue dogs and pets!  After all, the Double Dog Run was designed for our own two rescue dogs!

This year is a big year for all of us and as a company we decided to start teaming up with as many Rescues and Organizations as possible to get the word out.  We do not charge for marketing of your rescues on our Facebook Pages, nor to feature a Rescue on our website (if applicable).  

The idea is to help spread the word about the pets available and if someone is hesitant of adopting a dog or multiple dogs, we supply your rescue with a custom discount code to supply your customers with.  This code will discount the purchase of a Double Dog Run System to alleviate the Tangling and Fencing issues that may come up.

Benefits of Teaming Up:

  • Free Listing on our website for your organization
  • Free sharing of adoptions on our Facebook, Twitter and other Social Sites
  • Free Custom Discount Code for your customers!
  • Free Q and A session with the Inventor and CEO of Double Dog Run to answer any questions.
All we ask is that you share our information with your social networks; like & follow us; and mention the Double Dog Run to your customers as a solution.  We will have more videos and other material for you to share with your customers in the future.  

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