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    This tangle-free dog tie out stake, allows your dogs to run and play in 360 Degrees.  Our U.S. Patented two dog tie out stake is made to hold one or two dogs of all breeds and sizes.  The K9Compass dog tie out is manufactured in the U.S.A. and does not require tools to install.  Check it out today!

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    Tangle-free Dog Tie Out

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    MADE FOR TWO DOGS:  The K9Compass is designed based on the original concept of the Double Dog Run System patented tangle-free two dog tie out stake system.  The K9Compass is incredibly strong and allows one or two dogs to use this dog tie out stake system at a time.  Two dogs of all breeds, and sizes can enjoy this U.S. Patented tangle-free two dog tie out system. 

    HEAVY-DUTY DOG TIE OUT STAKE:   14" SOLID CARBON STEEL spiral ground anchor.  This tangle free dog tie out is 11 mm thick and can hold TWO dogs of all sizes and breeds with a Pull Force of 800+ lbs!

    EASY AND FAST INSTALL: The K9Compass is an ALL-IN-ONE tie out stake system that DOES NOT REQUIRE TOOLS or extra parts in order to install it. The unique, reinforced angled head of the K9Compass allows the system to be installed within seconds, WITHOUT Tools! 


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    MANUFACTURED IN THE USA:  Expect the best quality materials and product built to last!  Our dog tie outs a manufactured with the highest quality US craftsmanship and precision straight out of a small town in Pennsylvania. 

    2- YEAR WARRANTY:  Made to to be used with the roughest and toughest of customers!  Our dog tie outs come with a 2-year warranty on normal use and install!

    *Tie out cables are NOT included with system.

    How to Install the K9Compass

    K9Compass Tangle Free Dog Tie out features a sloped head for easy installation that only takes a few moments!

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    Tie Out cables are NOT INCLUDED.

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