The Best Dog Tie Outs!

What is the Double Dog Run System?

The Double Dog Run System is the only dog tie out system for two dogs that does not get tangled.  Our tangle- free dog tie outs, when hooked up to two dog leashes or dog tie out cables, is designed so that dogs can run in 360 degrees; at any pace and changing direction at any time!   

Our tangle-free and secure dog tie outs are like no other and can hold two dogs up to 800 lbs! 

AND also, the Double Dog Run is not just for two dogs, but it is great for one dog as well! 

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"Easy to install, the Double Dog Run can go anywhere you go!"
R.W. - Owner
"Our tie outs are incomparable to any other tie out there is."
K.W. - CEO / Inventor

Typical Fence / Electric Fence / Alternative Tie Outs

All Dog Tie Outs include: 2-Year Replacement Warranty

(Ground anchor, Base plate & Tangle-free Topper)

A’ Design Award and Competition awarded the Double Dog Run the Bronze A’ Design Award for the competition’s Pet Supplies and Products for Animals Design Competition Category, elected as the winner by the international jury members of the A’ Design Awards and Competition amidst thousands of submissions.
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Free-shipping in US***

* Free Shipping in the U.S. only applies to the purchase of Dog Run Systems.  Hardware and leashes will be charged a flat rate of $7.00 / order.  Please allow for 7-10 business days to process and 2-3 days for shipping.