• Double Dog Run : Heavy-Duty, Tangle free, Two Dog Tie Out Stake - Small, Medium, Large and XL Dogs - Holds 1200 LBS of Pull Force!!


    The Strongest Tangle Free Dog Tie Out for Large, XL and XXL Dogs - Two Dog Tie Out

    The best dog tie out and strongest tangle free dog tie out around, this heavy duty tangle free dog tie out stake system holds one or two dogs up to 1200 lbs of pull force!

    This is the best alternative to a fence for your pets!

    Double Dog Run is the first and only company to provide you with quality tangle free two dog tie out stake that includes a 5-year warranty! After years of perfecting the components of this tangle free dog tie out, this is what you have been looking for.  The two dog tie out stake is a great alternative to a fence and can be taken with you when you travel or go camping with your dogs!  Just have one dog?  The Double Dog Run has proven to become the best and strongest dog tie out on the market.  We stand by our quality, our service and all around two dog tie out stake systems fully. 

    Get the best tangle free two dog tie out system for Small, Medium, Large and XL dogs today

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    Watch how this two dog tie out keeps dogs from tangling and remains the strongest and best dog tie out for even TWO XL Dogs!

    This highly reviewed and rated Double Dog Run tangle free dog tie out system includes:

      • High quality ABS plastic base plate that absorbs the shock and disperses the force of the pull.
      • Heavy-duty powder coated 16" spiral dog tie out stake.
      • Crush, crack and chew proof tangle free dog tie out rubber topper.
      • Galvanized and stainless steel tangle free two dog tie out hardware.
      • 5 - Year Warranty


      Home - Travel - Camping

      Tie Out cables are NOT INCLUDED.

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      MANUFACTURED IN THE USA:  Expect the best quality materials and product built to last!  Our dog tie outs a manufactured with the highest quality US craftsmanship and precision straight out of a small town in Pennsylvania. 

      5- YEAR WARRANTY:  Made to to be used with the roughest and toughest of customers!  Our dog tie outs come with a 5-year warranty on normal use and install!

      #1 Best Dog Tie Out 2021-2022

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