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Why Choose Double Dog Run Tie Outs?

We manufacture and supply the most heavy-duty, high-quality, tangle free dog tie outs. Our main goal is to keep your dogs secure; and also keep them from tangling their tie out cables while using the system at home or while traveling and camping with your dogs! 

What make our dog tie outs the best?

  • The ONLY Tangle-free two dog tie outs for multiple dog sizes and breeds! 
  • Made to let up to TWO dogs roam and play in 360 degrees anywhere!
  • The strongest dog tie outs around! Our strongest tangle-free dog tie outs can hold 800 - 1200LBS of Pull Force!
  • Made of High-quality material & Craftsmanship that we stand by with a 2- YEAR WARRANTY! 
  • Ready for ALL Weather types - Rain, Snow, Wind... bring it on!

Why are these dog tie outs so expensive?

The Double Dog Run is without a doubt more expensive than any other dog tie out system on the market.  The old saying goes, "you get what you pay for" is exactly what to expect when you purchase on of our tangle free dog tie outs.  Our two dog tie outs are made of the best quality products and come with a warranty!  Read our customer reviews that prove we have the most secure and the only truly tangle free two dog tie outs available today.

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