How We Got Started - Infinitely Tied, llc & Double Dog Run

When you have one dog that digs and the other that is a Houdini of escape, you have no choice but to come up with a solution. That is how the Double Dog Run System got started.  With two dogs, constant tangles and no additional cash for a fence nor an improved fence, the problem needed to be solved. 

One day the inventor of the Double Dog Run System sat down and watch the dogs play and get all tangled up, one day she decided to do something about it.  Her wheels turned and she finally came up with a solution to the problem and knew that she needed several points of spin-out to make it happen.  With a more complex design in her head, she took the idea to her brother.  After several hours at the hardware store and cranial disagreements on who's idea was better.  They came to an agreement on the design and hardware that would be used.

The initial design was made up of a 2' x 2' piece of plywood, a large mixing bowls from the dollar store, a $5 tie out stake, and some swivels.  The two inventors worked together to drill the holes and began to put the dog run together.  With no dogs present, the only way to test the tie out was to hook themselves up to it.  So, they attached the tie out cables to their belt loops and pretended to be dogs; tangling the tie out as much as possible.  After trying every angle and speed of play and as many tangles as possible, the dog run came untangled every time. "Think like a dog!" - M. Wherley

After testing it on K. Wherley's dogs for over a month without any tangling,  their mom stepped in and offered to help with patenting the Double Dog Run System.  Now, with a United States and Canadian patent, the Double Dog Run System is the only tangle-free tie out for two dogs. From there Infinitely Tied llc was born.

Today, Infinitely Tied llc is a small family owned company that produces the Double Dog Run System for the public.  All the marketing, product packaging and shipping are done directly by the Wherley Family themselves.  The Wherley family takes pride in their invention, the quality of their products and customer service.

The Wherley Family thanks all its current and future customers for their support and great constructive feedback.  The company would not be successful without you!

"Our company feels very thankful for all the support and will continue to provide all the dogs and owners of the world with an excellent solution with high quality materials."  K. Wherley (CEO /Inventor)