Our Story: Double Dog Run

"Coming up with a tangle free dog tie out was one thing and figuring out how to make something strong enough to make a two dog tie out was another!"

-Kim Wherley (CEO / Inventor)

After years of frustrations with other dog tie outs and trying to figure out how to keep dogs from tangling; the Double Dog Run was born!  It all came about thanks to the owners' own rescue dogs that kept jumping, digging and tangling no matter what they tried.  Not even a fence could keep the dogs in place - there had to be an alternative. 

Finally, that "Eureka!" moment happened and they started designing, patenting and manufacturing the Double Dog Run tangle free dog tie out for two dogs!

Now, after over 8 years in business and perfecting the quality and the product itself, Kim and Rebecca Wherley are proud owners of Infinitely Tied LLC which owns and runs DoubleDogRun.com.  Kim and Rebecca personally manufacture the Double Dog Run units, as well as handle shipping and customer service themselves on all other products. 

The K9Compasses recently added are manufactured in PA.

A truly small business with a big impact, Infinitely Tied LLC is committed to providing high-quality, tangle-free dog tie outs that you can count on!