How to install a two dog tie out and keep your dogs from tangling?

Installing a two dog tie out system on your own can be hard to figure out. However, our tangle free dog tie out systems are easy to install!  We have two different two dog tie out system designs. 

How to install the K9Compass:

The K9Compass Tangle Free Dog Tie Out does not require any tools to install!

Set Up Time: less than 2 minutes


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How to install the Double Dog Run Systems:

The Double Dog Run Tangle Free Dog Tie Outs are the best dog tie outs! These two dog tie outs are made for at home or for travel with your dogs and requires tools and some effort to install. These tangle free dog tie outs are the most secure and have been time tested!


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What is the best set up for a dog tie out?

Setting up a dog tie out can be easy! Look for an area where the dogs can roam without getting caught around any bushes or trees. 

Also be sure to clear the area of any debris so that the dog tie out cables won't be hindered in any way.

You can even set up the dog tie out so that the leashes come right up to the door!


What type of dog tie out cables work best?  How long can the cables be?

Any vinyl coated dog tie out cable will work with our tangle free dog tie out systems.  There are many lengths that you can get and the best thing about our dog tie outs is that any length dog tie out cable will work!  It is important to ensure the the dog tie out cables are not old, rusted or kinked.  Also be sure that all debris is cleared from the area; and the dogs will be using the full length of the tie out cables.  We sell 15 ft. and 20 ft dog tie out cables on our website.