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Customer Videos:

Thank you Sara for this Awsome Footage of a Play Session on the Double Dog Run!
These guys are going for it!  We are humbled and happy to see two loyal dog customers enjoying and afternoon play session!

Thank you Tiffany for this excellent footage!
2 Small dogs on the Double Dog Run for Small and Medium Dogs enjoying a Spring Day! Shot in 2020!

Two Dogs Playing Crazy on the Double Dog Run Two Dog Tie Out System

Check out these dogs going crazy and playing tangle-free on the Double Dog Run System for Small & Medium Dogs under 50lbs.

Two Check out these two awesomely huge dogs!  Will it hold??!!

Watch the Double Dog Run do what it does best!  These two dogs are secure and having a ton of fun with their owner - enjoy!  This video features our Large and XL Dog Tie Out.

Product Videos:

K9Compass - Tool-less Install & Tangle Free Dog Tie Out

The newest addition to our product line, the K9Compass is a tangle free two dog tie out.  This tangle free dog tie out is the only system that is made to go anywhere at anytime! With no tools needed to install - this double dog tie out is ready to use at home, while hiking or camping with your dogs!

Full Double Dog Run Tangle Free Dog Tie Outs Video

See the Double Dog Run original design in action.  This double dog tie out is the best dog tie out around even if you only have one dog!  We are proud of this design and its incredible success!

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More Videos:

Raw Footage of Double Dog Run Untangling

This video is raw footage of how the Double Dog Run untangles and why this system is the best to keep your dogs from tangling.  How do you securely tie out two dogs without tangles? Just watch.

Can you cut the grass with the Double Dog Run Installed?

Yes, you can!  Simply remove the tie out cables and you can mow directly over the base plate!

Customer Review: Double Dog Run - Belgian Malinois

These two dogs on Double Dog Run Large & XL for dogs 60 lbs or more were trying to get a cat.  This tie out won't budge for even the biggest dogs!  This tie out system can hold 800+ pounds!

Customer Video Footage:  Best Dog Tie Out for Winter
These two dogs are loving the snow on the Double Dog Run Large & XL for dogs 60 lbs or more.  This video features two spunky pups playing and running on our tangle free two dog tie out system.  It may be cold out, but our dog tie outs won't stop anyone from having fun!  

Customer Video Footage:
Best Tangle Free Dog Tie Out for Large and Strongest for Big Breed Dogs!
 We love to see our Double Dog Run Large & XL for dogs 60 lbs or more in action! These two can't get enough and their owners love the security they feel when the dogs are on their two dog tie out.

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