Limited 2-Year Warranty: guarantees that the K9Compass and Double Dog Run Tangle Free Dog Tie Outs will be free from material defects, are made with workmanlike quality, and will conform, within normal commercial tolerances, to the applicable specifications.  

Exclusions: The warranty is void if the party is negligent, abuses, misuses or has repaired or altered the product in any way. 

Notice Requirement: The party must email Double Dog Run within 30 days of receiving the product of such nonconformity. 

Replacement Products:  If Double Dog Run determines the product received is defective a replacement will sent at no cost.

Returns:  We do not accept used returns.  Damaged or scratched products from attempts at installation will not be accepted.  UNUSED products may be returned for a full refund within 30 days from the date of receipt of the product.

Disclaimer:  Spiral dog tie out stake will not go through rock.  If you are installing the product and hit bedrock, immediately remove the dog tie out stake and relocate to a spot a few inches away.  Repeat until successful and dog tie out stake has found a spot to be installed securely.

Warning:  Dogs should be supervised at all times while on the dog tie out system.  Young dogs still growing have a slower reaction time than older dogs, be sure to keep an eye on puppies and much smaller dogs to ensure they are agile enough to play safely.  Not all dogs can be tie out, it is to the discretion of the owner and full responsibility to ensure a safe environment for both the pet and other beings within the environment are safe and secure.

Tie Out cables are NOT INCLUDED with our Dog Tie Out Systems.

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