Compare Double Dog Run Systems  VS.  Other Dog Tie Outs

Comparing and understanding the differences in dog tie out systems; their quality and pricing are important when it comes to your choosing the right one for your dogs.  Each dog tie out stake is going to be different; what is important is that the tie out be tangle-free and secure.  We took the time to break down the competitors online.  Without mentioning names of any other systems, we are still confident our tangle free two dog tie out systems will beat any other dog tie out system around in both strength, portability and quality for the price!

Comparing Dog Tie Out Systems - Price, Weight Limits and Benefits

Tie Outs Type Cost Weight Limit Tangle-Free Supports Two Dogs Portable Warranty
Spiral Stake $2 - $35 60 lbs No No Yes No
Trolley Cable Run $12 - $40 100 lbs Yes & No No No No
Retractable Tie Out $19 - $30 80 lbs Yes & No No Yes No
Alternate Systems $25 - $35 500 lbs Yes No Yes No
K9Compass $85 up to 800 lbs Yes Yes Yes Yes
Double Dog Run $96 - $115 up to 800 lbs+ Yes Yes Yes Yes

Compare Fencing Types / Materials and Prices

Ensuring your dog is safe and secure when outside could be as easy as getting some type of fencing!  Although a fence or electric fence can work, they can be expensive and do not include maintenance.  Here are some fence types and electric fence totals to consider before buying an entire fence for your dogs:

Metal or Chain Dog Fence: 

Estimated Total Cost of 10 x 10 yard = $680

Wood Dog Fence or Vinyl Fence: 

Estimated Total Cost of 10 x 10 yard = $960

Aluminum Dog Fence: 

Estimated Total Cost of 10 x 10 yard = $1,440

Electric or Invisible Dog Fence

Collar Package = $100 - $400; Wiring = $50; Collar = $50; Charger = $50 - $300; Voltage Meter = $5 - $30; 

Batteries = $60 - $90; Installation = $900 - $1350

Estimated Total = $1200 - $2300